Our Approach - Little Vedanta Preschool

About Littile Vedanta

Little Vedanta is driven by our rich Vedantic values and powered by continuous research & innovations with a vision of creating imaginative and joyful mind who can shape the society and future. We aspire to be the best preschool in quality education and child safety and security is our top priority.

Our approach is to carefully identify child’s challenging areas during their learning process and help them to strengthen through an innovative yet balanced with both conventional & nonconventional teaching methods & practices.

We are using latest technology to understand child’s mind – Strength & Weakness, Unique qualities etc. We believe in understanding the actual root of the problem is the key to solve any problem.

Little Vedanta follows theme based structured curriculum emphasized on Nature & Nurture. Our base is the essence of recent scientific research around the globe on child’s brain & cognitive development and a deep sense of our great cultural values.

Little Vedanta’s approach is to enable education as a carrier rather than carrying it like a lifelong burden. This is possible only when they realise goal and reason for learning. Trust us, this is possible at very early age in a joyful way. We follow three fundamental steps to acquire knowledge as per Ancient Indian education system – Sravana-Manana- Nididhyasana.

Hearing of a knowledge is Sravana


Self understanding of a knowledge is a Manana


Applying realised knowledge with a real world is  Nididhyasana


Sravana- Manana – Nididhyasana : Together forms a complete knowledge circle.

Knowledge Circle


Step – 1

We help kids to measure their heights like an activity and initially they will just Mark it on the wall but cannot read or write.

Step – 2

Then we teach them counting 1, 2, 3 etc.

Step – 3

Then we redo the same exercise and help them to write their own height.

It will take years to complete 3 steps but in the end, this will help the Kids realize why counting is important – In some cases consciously and some cases unconsciously. This technique will create an interest and will make learning more meaningful.

We have many such techniques to boost up kid’s imagination, curiosity and problem-solving skills.

We tell the consequences through story telling so that they can make decisions and feel confident.